Honour-based crime

Honour-based violence and oppression is a serious form of crime that can take many different expressions. Here, you can find more information about what honour-based violence and oppression is, and what it can consist of. If anything you read feels familiar, you can find out more about your freedoms and your rights, and where you can get support and protection. There is also information aimed specifically at friends and relatives of victims of honour-based crime. For those who come into contact with victims, there is information about the signs of vulnerability, the legislation that exists within this area, and where you can get advice if you have suspicions about honour-based crime.

Honour-based violence and oppression, or honour-based crime, can consist of several different types of crime, such as illegal threats, abuse, child marriage crimes and various forms of sexual crime. Since 1 June 2022, there has also been a crime called honour oppression.

When it comes to honour-based crime, it is only crimes committed in Sweden that can lead to punishment for a perpetrator and that involve rights for victims. Crimes committed abroad, such as taking a child abroad in order to marry the child off, can also have consequences in a legal process in Sweden.

The following sections describe more about what honour-based crime is, and what the common driving forces behind such crimes can be. There is also information about the latest legislative changes that have taken place within this area, with the aim of tightening the legislation against honour-based violence and oppression.

This information includes tips about where victims, relatives and friends can turn for help and support, and what professionals can do in the work to combat honour-based crime. You can also find information about which rights children, young people and adults have, as well as links to more in-depth information about aspects such as compensation.