If the person who has been convicted of a crime is unable or unwilling to pay the adjudged damages, or if the offender is unknown, the crime victim may still be able to get compensation through insurance. Insurance compensation can be paid regardless of whether the victim receives damages or not.

Many people have an insurance policy that covers loss, damage, or injuries resulting from crime. Your household insurance policy may compensate you for theft and also for personal injuries resulting from assault or rape. There are also accident insurance policies which may compensate for personal injuries arising from crimes.

Almost all insurance policies have an excess clause, stipulating that you must bear a certain cost yourself. There may also be other terms limiting your right to compensation in various ways. These terms vary between different insurance companies.

It is very important to report any loss, damage, or injury to the insurance company as soon as possible. If you do not have an insurance that fully covers the injuries you have suffered, you can sometimes get compensation from the state: criminal injuries compensation.