Report to the Police

If you have been subjected to a crime, you should report it to the police as soon as possible.

A report to the police is often necessary in order for you to safeguard your rights and receive protection. Moreover, as a rule, both insurance companies and the Swedish Crime Victim Authority require a report to the police in order to examine a claim for compensation for injuries arising from a crime.

You can report the crime at the nearest police station, over the telephone, or via Internet. On the basis of the report, the police or the local public prosecution authority will decide whether a preliminary investigation shall be initiated.

In brief, the police and the prosecutor are obliged to inform you about the following:

• Your possibilities of receiving damages and criminal injuries compensation;
• That the prosecutor, if you so request, usually is obligated to prepare and present your claim for damages in court;
• The regulations governing visiting bans, legal counsel for the injured party, and a support person;
• How to apply for legal aid and legal advice;
• Authorities and organisations offering additional support and assistance;
• The investigation not being initiated or being discontinued;
• Bringing a legal action or not.

Last Updated: 2020-07-02

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